In or Out

There are different reasons that I choose to either go inside to a pharmacy or drive-thru.

Sometimes I need to pick up a few things, so I head inside the store. Sometimes the drive-thru line is long, and I hope I can get thru faster if I go inside. Sometimes I am sickly and I don’t want to be around people, so I wait in my car. Sometimes it is too cold out, or I just feel lazy, so I drive-thru.

Ah, but tonight . . tonight I didn’t want to mindlessly spend money (and I would have), so I waited in a line that was six-cars deep. I didn’t think to take this picture until I wasn’t six cars back anymore obviously. But, hey, it worked! I scrolled on my phone and did NOT spend extra money for no reason! Yay!

Tonight I am thankful for the pharmacy! Whether I drive thru or go inside, the nice people always help people stay and/or get healthy!

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