Only at Home

I was shopping with my Mom before Christmas and she wanted to get a few more things for my kiddos. We went down a party aisle for some reason and there were giant confetti cannons. I told her that they would love the giant confetti cannons!

She was excited to buy them! And she told the kiddos at Christmas that they were only to be used at our house! Come on Grandma!! 🤣

Three of the kiddos decided to wait until New Year’s Eve. One kiddo snuck in to the living room and shot a cannon! Ok, it was pretty darn cool looking!! And it made a pretty big mess 🤣 Now we know on New Year’s Eve that we should clear the room first!

Tonight I am thankful for the fun giant confetti cannons! I may have to get my own for New Year’s Eve! 😁

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