I was driving home tonight trying to remember when the last time was that I pushed my body so much that I thought I might puke. One one hand, it may be a little embarrassing what that took tonight to get me there. But, on the other hand, I drank too much water and I’m a little out of shape. Anyway . . this blog isn’t about my physical fitness level.

This blog is about being excited and inspired! See, when I first signed up for the adult ninja classes I told my kiddo not to worry because there is no way I’d be competing. I think it was the first week, maybe the second, when I thought: Hmm, planning a competition would be a good goal to set! Oops! Well, I guess a gal’s allowed to change her mind!

Then there was the finger injury and limitations. And I was thinking that goal would have to wait. Tonight I went in willing to try everything 100%, no limitations with my injury. I’m almost done with physical therapy and I need to know how far I can go. I was sweating and panting. Whew, I pushed hard tonight! All while thinking that the competition thing is going to have to wait, but I’ll get there. Imagine my surprise and excitement to hear that the other two ninja gals are planning on competing too! We are going to do it together whenever we get ready!

Tonight I am thankful for friends to train and eventually go to a competition with! These ladies are great! Encouraging and funny and we’re gonna have a blast with this!

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