Puppy Police

I was driving along and saw two dogs on the side of a busy road. Cars going 55 to 60+ were whizzing by. I turned around to go check on the dogs. They were friendly, but shy of cars. When one got closer, I could see why. It looked like he had gotten hit.

I got them in my car and drove to my parent’s house. I was closest to them. They don’t have any dog supplies. But they have a garage, and I could let the dogs out in there while we figure out where they should go. In my car, I could smell that the injured dog had an open wound. Poor baby!

I posted on facebook while my mom called animal control. In her county animal control stops going out at 6pm. It was about 5:45. They decided to come! When I spoke with the lady who came, she told me that she had to persuade her manager. She said they couldn’t leave an injured dog! The dogs looked sad that I turned them in to the puppy police (their sad eyes stabbed my heart a little). But, I knew it was the best thing for them.

Tonight I am thankful for the very nice animal control lady who came out when she didn’t have to. I am thankful that the injured dog will get medical care. And I am pray that their owner will find them soon! They were both very nice and obviously cared about!

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