My girlie kiddos are more girlie than I am in some aspects. They have read all the make-up things. They know waaaay more about hair and skin stuff than I do.

Tonight was senior night for one of my boy kiddos. I did not want to look like I’ve been sick for almost a week! But, I’ve been sick for almost a week, so that was totally the vibe I was projecting.

I called in the assistance of a girl kiddo! We tried fake eyelashes . . that didn’t work. But she used all kinds of stuffs on my eyeballs! Look!! and we used an eyelash curler! That made me a little nervous! But, we did not curl my eyelid! So I call that a win!

Tonight I am thankful for the assistance of kiddos! 🙂 Usually I only use eyeliner and call it good. Every once in awhile I add some eyeshadow.

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