Valentine’s Faux Pas

Ah Valentine’s Day . . you are a great reminder to show love! This year, I feel that I have fallen short on the scale of Valentine’s-ness. *See how I just made up a word here. Maybe I can get Valentine’s points for new Valentine’s words?

I will list for you, my Valentine’s fails:

  1. I got the hubster a new Keurig for at home. While he was in the shower, I took it out of its packaging and made him a cup of French Vanilla! But, I didn’t tell him it was French Vanilla. So, he added his French Vanilla flavoring, thinking it was an average cup of coffee. Oops!!
  2. I did my nails in Valentine’s stickers and dressed in a Valentine’s color shirt. I was feeling quite Valentine-sy! Except after my appointments, I changed in to sweatpants and work clothes to go work on a house. I did show the hubster that I looked nice at one point today . . just not for him. 😂
  3. While working on the house I was breathing in lots of old dirt and attic germs; and was not feeling like real food was that appetizing anymore. But, I never told the hubster that a Valentine’s dinner of Honeycomb cereal sounded good to me . .
  4. I forgot to get milk. So the hubster had to go get the milk for the romantic cereal dinner!

Tonight I am thankful that it is the thought that counts! At least I got a lot of work done today! And we’ll have this house on the market sooner rather than later! I will be SOOO thankful when “the longest move in history” finally comes to an end!
Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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