I spent a good amount of time this morning looking at boots online. My current favorite boots have been slowly dying. After walking in the woods with them a few days ago, I broke them even more. I’ve been looking for a similar replacement in stores at a reasonable price, unsuccessfully.

It was a difficult decision. I have been realtor-ing and appraiser-ing in these boots. They work well! The closest boots that I could find were around $140. I don’t pay that much for boots!

I found a marginally acceptable pair of boots on amazon. I ordered them. And went about my day.

Later I mentioned my boots a kiddo. And guess what?!? I had completely forgot that my girls were sharing a pair of the exact same boots! But they had barely worn them! They are now mine! And I cancelled my amazon order!

Tonight I am thankful for a new pair of my old boots! 😁😁 I can’t explain the happiness of these boots!! Hooray! 😁😁

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