In this house we have tried several different methods of allowance stuff. Fairly recently we had a new overhaul.

I removed the hubster from the allowance system. He wants to pay the kiddos like it is 1982. And his perfectionist side doesn’t always want to give credit for work.

Not all work done is eligible for allowance of course. Some work has to be done because the kiddos live here and need to contribute. But there are other things that are eligible for allowance $.

The new rules are that the kiddos have to keep track of what they do and submit it to me at the end of the week in writing. I will only accept up to two weeks. If they forgot to submit a list three weeks ago, they just worked for free. I think overall I might be saving money here. But, it does lend to the lesson of the kiddos needing to be responsible and note their contributions to the household!

Tonight I am thankful for our new allowance system. So far I think it is pretty fair. I’m not sure the kiddos all feel that way, as there is at least one kiddo who has submitted absolutely nothing for the past month. But, oh well! The rules were made very clear when we switched!!

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