Trimming Tricks

I am not the biggest fan of painter’s tape. I do see the helpfulness of it in some painting adventures. But, I also have a history of not putting the tape on straight, or not securing it tight enough, so that paint gets behind it. All user error, yes I am aware. Lately I’ve been trying other methods!

I “borrowed” a drywall knife and I will not be returning it! I’ll have to replace it in the bin of drywall stuff. Anyway, it worked pretty good! I do have to stop and wipe the back of the knife every once in awhile to get any excess off the back. But, I’m liking it!

I also have tried a more artsy type brush, like about a half inch tapered brush. It lets me get closer to the edges and the tapering part helps me not get extra paint where it does not belong.

Tonight I am thankful for these other painting methods! I will use painter’s tape in the future still. But, now it is just a tool amidst a whole array of painting tools!

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