Uber Doober Doo

Up until today, I had never rode in an Uber. Today, I wasn’t planning on riding in an Uber.

I had rented a car. I was away from home. I had a car rental reservation. I only needed a rental car to drive about an hour away. I had transportation at my next destination. I just had to make it there.

I was at the counter to get my rental car. They asked for a credit card. I don’t carry a credit card. And they would not rent the car to me. GRRR! I had forgotten that this was a thing with rental cars! I rented a car with a debit card back in November with no issue at all! But, this time, there was no way.

So, I turned to Uber. The driver was there in six minutes to drive over an hour away. The driver had good ratings. The car was clean. And I give the whole experience two thumbs up!

Tonight I am thankful for an opportunity to try Uber. And I am super thankful that it was a good experience with Uber! I will try them again some time!

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