Blown Budget

It has been awhile since I’ve talked about budgets. Ya know, sometimes it’s not the proudest of moments to admit when something doesn’t go to plan. So here, let me share my unproud moments.

This whole house thing has NOT gone to plan. The budget hasn’t gone to plan. The timeline hasn’t gone to plan. The stress level has definitely not gone to plan.

When the plan is already messed up, it can be SO tempting to just keep going more off track. It doesn’t feel like giving up, per se. Reflectively, it is digging the hole deeper that you are standing in; but it doesn’t feel that way. I guess I had a moment of weakness this evening and suggested an idea to the hubster that does not fit with the budget or with our goal of being debt free. It seems so easy to just stray away a little to make life easier. Alas, the best things in life aren’t easy!

Tonight I am thankful that the easy going hubster did speak up and remind me of our goals. They are good goals. And we’ll reach them! In the Tortoise and the Hare, the tortoise always win; slow and steady wins the race. We aren’t in a race, but we are on a path. We’ll get there. And we’ll be so proud when we can say we are in Baby Step 7 (See Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps)!

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