It is time for an update on the longest-move-in-history. After too many road bumps, we are almost ready!!

After the bad floor stain, the re-sanding and re-staining didn’t work. We were going to do vinyl after that. I had even bought some vinyl flooring. We started putting it down and realized that was just not the best choice for the area. So now, drum roll please . . . . . . new carpet is being installed starting tomorrow!!

There are still things that we could do. There are always more things that can be done. But, after the carpet and a few more small things, the house will be listed for sale! It was supposed to be listed a few weeks ago and this flooring fiasco just took the air out of our motivational sail! So now, we have regrouped and are back on track!

Tonight I am thankful for the carpet being installed tomorrow and being back on track to list this house and finish this chapter of our lives!

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