Quiet Moments

Thru the years, the time in my car has been my quiet moments that help me hold on to my peace. When the kids were little, I would find quiet in the car going to work appointments. As the kids grew, there was still quiet going to and from work appointments, but less quiet there attending to phone calls, etc. But, then sitting the car during practices or waiting to pick up kiddos because another quiet time.

On Ninja nights, twice a week, there is a time to sit in the car between my kiddo’s practice and mine. I brought work a few times. But, I’d rather wait until I get back home if I have to finish something. Those quiet times in the car are still precious to me. It is different than quiet moments at home – at home I see all the other things that need my attention. In the car, the options are limited.

Tonight I am thankful for the quiet times in the car. Whether on the road or in a parking lot, these have been my moments, just for me ❤️

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