Ok, ok, here it is! The house is listed!!! And in style of our longest-move-in-history, the listing is in a “Coming Soon” status, with showings starting this weekend.

But, it is listed!!!! This feels so good!!! Well, to me. To the hubster, it may be causing some stress. But, there will never be a day when we have “everything” done that we would want to do to that property! What we have is good! And the hubster gets a few more days to finish up a few more things.

I’ll recap that our plan with this move was for us to have listed this house in August of last year! AUGUST!! We were supposed to move in to the new house, spiffy up Columbia Road, and sell it. THEN we were supposed to fix up the new house. But, the new house closing was delayed several weeks. Then we were in to the new school year and fall sports. So we decided to fix up the new house first, then move, then do all the things to Columbia Road. Eight months. We are off of our original timeline by eight months!! This is so exciting now!!!

Tonight I am thankful that Columbia Road is finally listed for sale!!! Woo Hoo!! Check it out below! More pictures will be up soon! Tell everyone you know! Please and thank you!

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