My latest vehicle is one of like five billion on the planet. In the short time that I have had this, I have attempted to enter the wrong vehicle at least twice.

I try not to have a recognizable vehicle. In the early years of my appraisal business I had put reindeer antlers and a nose on my minivan at Christmas. A homeowner made a comment about seeing me at another location. That was awkward for me. In my job as an appraiser, I make people downright mad sometimes. I don’t want to be recognizable. So, I try to keep things pretty lowkey.

Except for now. After multiple wrong vehicle entry attempts, I had to do something. So, I ordered this nifty license plate! It seemed perfect! Well, it is summer now and my poor little alpaca dude is covered in bugs!! Oops!!

Tonight I am thankful for my buggy-covered alpaca dude to help me find my car in parking lots!! 😁😂 I’ll scrub him soon! 😂😁

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