When I’m the Problem

I was listening to a podcast in my car today.  They were interviewing this world renown speaker and he caught my attention.

He talked about people getting stuck.  People get comfortable where they are and they get stuck.  Moving out of your comfort zone is scary.  And when something is scary, it is easy to find reasons not to do it.

2017 is my year to get out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes I feel like I’m failing miserably.  Other times, I feel a bit more inspired.  I’ve actually been thinking about starting an “I’ve Done” list.  “I’ve done” is the opposite of the “To-Do” list.  The “I’ve Done” list has come in handy in the past.  In the past I’ve done the list for those days where I work and work and work and I don’t feel like I’ve made any headway.  I sit down and write my list of things I’ve done.  For now I’m thinking I need to do a list like that for bigger-than-daily items!  When it is staring at me there on paper; I can’t help but agree that I certainly have done some things.

I’m good at working hard . . and excessively.  However, like anything in excess, my capacity to stay busy and work, work, work is not healthy.  Yet, it has become my comfort zone.  I can remind myself that all my work, work, work was with good reason.  And it was!  Moving forward, I’ll definitely stay busy!  But I need to slow down a bit!  The good news is that if I am the problem . .  I am also the solution!

The winds are changing and I am still working on changing with those winds!  At the beginning of this year, I certainly didn’t think that six months later this would be such an issue still.  And my slow pace at changing gets frustrating at times.  At times I feel like a bumper car moving down a lane – those bumper cars don’t steer very well, so you bump one side, bump the other side, and back and forth again and again while inching forward.  The thing to know is that those cars end up surging forward at some point!  And they would never surge forward if the driver stopped the car, just because it was bumping in to the sides of a lane!

Tonight I am thankful for moving out of my comfort zone!  I’ve made some big steps in both of my businesses this week!  And I’ve made some big steps so far this year – some have panned out, some have not.  I’ve also made some baby steps on healthy personal things this week . . and baby steps are just as good as big steps some times!  Big things are coming!  I know it!  And I intend to be ready!