There have been a string of break-ins in my neck of the woods.  Several people I know have had their barns broken in to and items stolen.  The latest were just down the road from me.

Good or bad, I told the kids today.  I told them for a reason – kids are creative.  I asked them for ideas.  What did they think we should do to the barn to try to catch a thief?  I got a few ideas.  I think the best one was to catch the skunk that lives by our barn and put her inside to wait for sneaky people 🙂

I told the kids that my idea was to take the cot out there and sleep with the .22 under me.  I heard, “Mom!  You can’t kill them!”.  I assured them, No I wouldn’t kill anyone.  But a bullet to the leg would keep the intruder from running off and stealing again, now wouldn’t it?

I told the kids, this isn’t anything to be scared about.  I told them that Mom isn’t scared.  Mom is fairly mad about this.  Unfortunately, not everyone knows that the number one rule in this house is “Don’t make the Momma mad!”.  Seriously, that is the rule.  I didn’t make it.  The hubster made that rule.  I found it slightly offensive, like I was some kind of volcano.  But I haven’t been able to stop the reciting of this rule for a few years now.  So I guess I’m stuck with it.  Fortunately for my family, I can be a fairly patient person.  Unfortunately for a thief, I won’t be patient towards someone who has stolen items, upset several families, and decides to walk on my property.

Tonight I am thankful for the right to bear arms.  I am thankful that I am a good shot.  And I am thankful for a few other fun ideas from the kids . . . one involves fire . . . probably can’t pull that one off 😉