In A Pinch

I have a tent, for events, with the open sides and just the top cover.  I bought it two summers ago for my first “booth” at an expo.  It has come in handy!

I think the last time I used it was in the fall.  We had a game booth for the cheerleaders at the Homecoming football game.  I know we used it then.

Today we had a booth for Ethos Real Estate West at the Mason Outdoor Expo and More.  I hadn’t gotten anything out beforehand.  I knew it would all be where I had left it . . . right?  Wrong.  The frame was there.  The canopy was not.  I looked all over this morning.  I searched the basement, the attic, the garage, the barn, even the laundry room.  I cannot find it!

I was prepared to sit the entire time out in the sun.  Then the hubster remembered a patio sun shade we had in the attic.  It is a nice sun shade.  It really doesn’t do too well at our house.  We usually have a pretty nice breeze going here, which I love.  The sun shade isn’t made too much for the wind.  But it could work today!  We threw it in the truck and were off!

It was ok.  I ended up taking it down after the first few hours.  The poor shade just couldn’t handle the wind at our booth well either.

I’m starting a search to see how much a replacement canopy is.  There is a slight chance that it got thrown out.  I have kept it in a trash bag because it is big and doesn’t fold well.  And a trash bag is just a big bag!  I didn’t think I used a trash bag the last time we used it . . . but who knows.  Ugh.

Tonight I am thankful that the patio sun shade worked fairly well in a pinch today!  I am thankful that I wasn’t in the sun the entire event!  And I am thankful that the breeze at least felt nice today, even if it diminished the utility of the sun shade!


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