Wild Trouble

The kids have found two wild baby birds in four summers at this house.  This first bird was a little older.  We happened to have an unoccupied bird-cage at the time, so we brought the bird inside.  The bird went crazy banging itself against the cage trying to get free.  So we took it back outside, put it up in a tree and hoped for the best.

Today’s bird was a little smaller.  It had feathers, but it still needed its mommy.  When my kiddo saw the bird, it was in the mouth of a cat!  My daughter got the bird away from the cat. Miraculously, the bird was in good shape.  We found the nest and put the bird back.  In the meantime we dug in the dirt and fed it a little grub.  That seemed to make the bird happy.

Honestly though, we have little idea what we are doing.  We need more information on how to handle these situations!  With plenty of barn cats, my compassionate kiddos have their work cut out for them to save baby birds.  I wrote out some questions on a pice of paper and handed them to my daughter to do some research.  She is currently being assisted by her sister, as the internet searching on wild baby bird care can be difficult.

Tonight I am thankful for the World-Wide-Web.  I hope my girls find some good information.  More than that, I hope the baby birds stay in their nests with their Mommas, where they belong!!




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