Sometimes I feel like a wonderful mother.  Other times . . not so much.

Take for instance, take my youngest child.  It has taken me most of his life to know what color his eyes are.  Seriously.  I figured it out about a year ago.

It seems so cut and dry, right?  I mean, my eyes are brown.  They turn green when I get very emotional.  But most of the time, they are all brown.  My first three children have brown eyes.  Their eyes are always brown.

But . . my youngest child . . . I thought perhaps he had chameleon eyes.  Sometimes they seem a light shade of blue.  Other times they are green.  And still other times, they are mostly brown.  Sometimes there is almost a gold color in his eyes around the pupil.  I seriously have had thoughts of this child growing up and struggling at the Secretary of State for his driver’s license when he had to fill in “Eye Color”.  I mean . . which one would he pick??  They always change!!

Then I read about green eyes.  Did you know it is fairly normal for green eyes to turn different shades?  I didn’t.  Did you know that brown circles around the pupil, followed by green for the rest of the iris is typical for green eyes?  I didn’t know that either.  Did you know that sometimes that brown circle looks amber or gold?  Nope, I didn’t.

Here we are, just a bit shy of a decade old and I finally know my child’s eye color.  There goes my Mother of the Year award!  Ah well, I’d gladly trade it in to be able to answer my kiddo when he asks me, “Mom, what color are my eyes?”  For years I’ve given him different answers.  Fortunately, this has never seemed to bother him!

Tonight I am thankful for knowing what color my children’s eyes are!  Seriously, I know.  It sounds so simple.  But, if someone doesn’t know how special green eyes can be . . well then, someone (me) wouldn’t know what green eyes are!  Now I know!  And I am thankful!


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