My Girl

I knew this day was coming for a while now.  I’ve cried off and on for well over a month.  I’m picturing her running around Heaven, excited to be able to run again . . but probably worrying already about her kids.

There’s just no real good way to say good-bye to someone who means so much.  I woke up at 2 am this morning to go lay next to her on the floor and cry.  She let me cry.  She was good like that.  Any really good dog is; they just let you hold them and cry.

I’ve written about her repeatedly in the last several years in my blogs.  I just couldn’t have picked a better dog to be around the kids.  We only had two kids when she joined our family!  Sammy was just a baby.  So was Molly then.  She was the perfect combination of sweetness and diligence.

She had her adventurous side for sure!  Like when she wanted to ride in the go-kart!  Or when she rode in the bucket of a skid steerer for fun!  She visited the preschool and the elementary school.  She LOVED kids and animals . . she loved everyone!  Except for probably two people who she met over her lifetime.  I’ll just never forget those people that my Molly didn’t trust.  One of them, she positioned herself between the guy and her kids and she would not move.  I called and called her.  But she wouldn’t budge.  She didn’t trust him.  So neither did I.

She tried her hand at working once.  I brought her with me to a vacant house.  I had read of some other people doing that.  And I knew she’d enjoy it.  When we got there, there was broken glass all over the floor.  I had to put her back in the car and go in myself.  She did not like that AT ALL!  So she retired early from working with me.

I could ramble on and on all night about what a good dog I lost today.  I am thankful for the almost 13 years that we had with her!  I am thankful that my friend was there today to take care of Molly.  What a difference it makes to have a caring vet who loves your pet too!
Run free Molly!  Say Hi to Bruno for me!


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