Of all the Mondays that ever Monday’ed today was . . . well, I guess in all honesty, this wasn’t really the Monday-est of Mondays.  But, it certainly was a Monday!

Today really wasn’t horrible.  It certainly could have been a lot worse.  I think today was more a me-issue than it was a Monday-issue.  And the me-issue just happened to take place on a Monday; which makes the Monday seem more to blame than myself.  So thank you Monday for taking one for the team! 😉

While in a somewhat meh mood, I am choosing to be thankful today.  I am thankful for a cloud covered sky that turned in to a sunny day.  I am thankful for snowy, slushy roads that turned in to clear driving roads.  I am thankful for a very tired me that snuck in a quick nap.  And I am thankful for a later evening kiddo practice that turned in to some quiet time in my van to relax.

Yes, I am thankful that Monday wasn’t so Monday-ish after all.

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