I had written awhile ago that after almost three years since first finding about Dave Ramsey, we had finally bought the Financial Peace class.  When I first read about Dave, I read his book, The Total Money Makeover.  And that was enough to change our lives!

I had wanted to do Financial Peace – although I wasn’t sure exactly what it could add to the already amazing impact on our life the book had brought!  I had waited and waited; wanting to find the best deal.  And I finally felt good enough about a sale price, so we bought it.

Tonight I finished the last lesson!  So, they encourage you to go to a physical class.  I’m not always a joiner.  We did the online class.  I will tell you – it was worth every penny!  We have changed even more things already!  And the super great part is that we have access to the video classes for one whole year with our membership!

Most lessons, like overall in life, do not come with a 100% retention of all the information given.  So, I’m sure that when I’m listening again, I’ll hear something that I missed the first time.  My workbook is all filled out now.  So, I’m planning on listening thru the lessons more while I am out driving to appointments!  It’ll be great!

Tonight I am thankful for finishing Financial Peace University!  I am also thankful for the opportunity to continue to learn thru Financial Peace University!  And I am thankful for a teacher who is honest and to the point, with a little humor!


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