Last year I had asked on Facebook about a small appliance that made hard-boiled eggs.  I had some responses that were very positive.  But, I just wasn’t sure if I should add to our small appliance collection.

I can make hard-boiled eggs on the stove top of course.  I can make them in the oven.  What I seem to have a hard time doing, is staying present.  I cook them on the stove and wander off, forgetting to set the timer.  Or I put them in the oven and go to my office, where I can’t always hear the oven timer going off.

BUT, for Christmas my Mom and I were out shopping when I saw one of the egg appliances and told her that I wouldn’t mind one of those.  On Christmas Eve, lo and behold, guess what Santa brought me at my Mommy’s house?  Yes, my very own egg hard boil appliance!

I tried it this week.  And I give it two thumbs up!!  It made perfect hard-boiled eggs!  Like, absolutely perfect!!  And, the timer was loud enough for me to hear in my office from the kitchen!  It is one of those constant timer alarms, not just the two beeps and then silence.  It would be hard to ignore!

Tonight I am thankful for my Christmas present of an egg hard-boiling appliance!  I’ll be using this thing a lot!

Look how perfect!


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