What a great day for a snow day!  Seriously!

Two out of four kids have been having some issues at school with peers.  And it has just really been a long week here my house!  It was great fun telling the kids that they had the day off!

I, myself, for maybe the third time in 12 years had my day rescheduled due to the weather.  I can drive in snow.  I can drive on ice.  I did not want to drive for 5 hours or so with snow over ice today.  So I had a snow day too!  Unfortunately my office is at the house, so I still worked.  BUT, I worked in comfy, fleece pants in front of my heater!

We ended the evening with the girls’ Christmas event present of watching the ballet of Cinderella.  It didn’t start until 8pm . . . which had one girl falling asleep.  But, it was a good night out!  And the roads weren’t horrible by this evening.  They aren’t great.  But they aren’t as bad as earlier today!

Tonight I am thankful for a snow day today!  A long weekend will be great for my kiddos!  We will soon start a count down to spring break! 😉

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