Toilet Paper

We have six people living in our house.  Do you want to know how much toilet paper six people use?  A lot.  It sure seems like a lot.  I’ve never actually kept track.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s a lot, trust me!

I like Quilted Northern.  There is an Aldi’s brand that is similar and less expensive.  We use that.  But, I prefer the name brand.

For awhile Meijer’s would have two-day sales with Quilted Northern on sale Buy One, Get One Free.  They haven’t had this sale for a while.  But, yesterday and today there was a Two-Day Sale with the Buy One, Get One Free sale!  And I had coupons!

There is a limit of four packages per transaction.  Between yesterday and today, with all members of my family accompanying me to the store, we are now stocked up on toilet paper for at least a couple of months.  And we’ve saved over $60!

Tonight I am thankful for toilet paper sales.  Yes, even the littlest things in life are to be appreciated.  And $60 saved is $60 earned, right?  😉

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