Middle School

Middle school is rough.

I remember 6th grade.  It was heartbreaking. My group of friends called me one night to tell me that they wanted to be more popular . . and they couldn’t do that if they were friends with me.  That was it.  There was one girl who still talked to me.  And somebody spread a rumor to the rest of the school that I thought I was perfect.  Nobody wants to be friends with someone like that . . someone like who they thought I was.  I cried a lot.

I had a wonderful mother that I could talk to when I came home.  She tried to explain to me why people acted the way that they did.  That made it better.  But I was still uncomfortable trying to talk to people.

7th grade was about the same.  A new girl came to our school in 7th grade and she was friends with me.  8th grade was about the same as well.

Yep, middle school was rough.

I hoped middle school had changed.  But my kiddos are finding that middle school is still the same as it was for me . . . fortunately their’s hasn’t been quite as isolating, mostly because they are stronger than I was then.  But it still isn’t fun.

Tonight I am thankful that my kids come and talk to me.  Hopefully I can make it a little better while they wade thru this season of life.  It gets better.  Life does get better.  I promise.

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