I was brave today.

The hubster and I stopped at a going-out-of-business Sam’s Club on Sunday to see the 25% off deals.  There was word that today would drop to 50% off the entire store.

We promised the kids a new trampoline this summer.  The last two trampolines were destroyed in wind storms.  These are expensive toys to just blow away and get mangled up.  But, all four kids love the silly thing.  They have lots of fun with it.  And, I’m a sap and love to help provide the moments of all four kiddos laughing and playing with each other!

Sunday, the 25% off the trampolines seemed a bit high for an unexpected purchase.  We did not budget for this purchase.  At 50% . . . we could swing that.  I do have a “Sales” budgeting slot.  And a “Sam’s Club” budgeting slot.  So we would’ve made it work.

They opened at 10am today.  I was hoping they still honored their business card member time of 7am.  I called yesterday to verify and they are no longer doing business hours at this location.  Well, I had an appointment this morning.  So I didn’t get there until around 10:30.  WOW!  It was worse than Sunday by far!

There were police there!  That was the second shocker after the parking situation.  Once inside, I felt like a deer in headlights.  I just couldn’t look away.  People everywhere!  It was a mad house.  Way worse than any Black Friday shopping that I had experienced!  I did find a few items that I liked at 50% off.  I browsed until my arms were full because the carts were long gone!  So I got in line.

I saw trampolines in people’s’ carts.  They were the people who got there early and stood in line outside the store!  One man told me that he heard that people were there as early as 7:30 standing in line . . . in single digit temperatures!  No Thank You!  There is no sale good enough for me to risk hypothermia!!

Tonight I am thankful that I did get some good 50% deals today.  After hearing that I would have had to have stood in line for hours to get to the trampolines . . well, it’s ok I didn’t get one!  I’ll find a regular ole’ sale this spring sometime and I’ll do my shopping in the warm weather and smaller crowds!  Or maybe even Amazon and have it delivered to my door!

Oh!  And I’m thankful the police seemed to be for added security and not because anybody got a little to crazy with their sale shopping!

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