About $20

I love our local movie theater!

The Sun Theater in Williamston is still just $4 per seat!

We are actually having a “no-eating-out” month right now.  Our budgeted eating out $, is also where our cash for something like a movie would come from.  I used to have a separate “going out” fund.  But, the two are pretty intertwined, so I just put them together.

Anyway, that fund is empty this month!  Tonight I used the last $20 in the grocery budget . . . don’t worry, this switch-aroo of funds was discussed within the household.  We were in agreement!  And my girls and I went to the Sun Theater to see Pitch Perfect 3.

With that last $20 we bought 3 movie tickets and had $8 left over.  We bought three popcorns and three drinks for a total of $9.50.  It just so happened that I had $2 left in my weekly allowance.

BOOM!  Just like that 😉  A little tweak of the budget, a little moving of funds (and awesome grocery shopping this week!), and we had an impromptu girls’ night out!  We decided last night that we should do this before the movie left the Sun theater – the movie changes every Friday.

Tonight I am thankful for a little run-away tonight with my girls!  We went.  We laughed.  We munched our popcorn.  We relaxed from a weary week.  Tomorrow, we will rock our Fridays after our fun movie-night tonight!

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