The Coast is Clear!

Yesterday I had a couple of hours where I was out at an appointment, but then I was back at my desk.  While I was at my desk, my doggies wanted to go out potty at least 10 times.

They had gotten in to something and had upset tummies.  Sometimes they want to go out exploring or chasing down the scent of some critter that happened across our yard.  But that was not the case yesterday.  I know this for sure because when they were inside, they were smelling like they should have been outside!

Today I wasn’t here to let them out.  I was on a fun field trip with my fourth grader!

Now this may sound silly, but tonight I am thankful that I came home to a clean house!  I didn’t let the fear of upset doggy tummies keep me from enjoying today – no way!  But, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that there would be a mess when I got home.  I walked cautiously in to every room, looking and sniffing.  There was nothing!  Yay!  This is truly something to be thankful for!  A good day can take a nose dive pretty quick when you come home to a stinky mess.  Thankfully, that wasn’t my day today!

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