“Mom, why are you making me do Book Club when you didn’t ask me?”

“Why do you think?”

“Because you knew I would say No!”

“No, why do you think that I would think it is important for us to do Book Club together?”

My first Book Club at the school was six years ago.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I hadn’t ever been to an adult book club.  And here I was going with my oldest child, who was in third grade at the time.  I was interestingly surprised.  The woman who leads the book club has done a fantastic job every single year to help the kids see the book in different ways.  There is an art project every year.  And the best part, is that there are no wrong answers.

And that’s what I told my son tonight.  Book Club is different.  We can read an interesting book together.  And we can learn the different ways that others might think of the book.

Reading is not this child’s favorite thing to do.  But in Book Club, we do it together.  And he really did like that there are no wrong answers.  Even tonight during the meeting, the leader made a point of saying that things didn’t have to be written in full sentences.  My son’s eyes lit up.  Silly boy!

Tonight I am thankful for the school’s Book Club!  The teacher has always done a wonderful job at keeping things interesting and engaging the kids!  I’m looking forward to another great Book Club season!

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