Good People

I will always like the story that Mr. Rogers told of being a little boy and watching a tragedy situation.  His mother told him to look for the helpers.  It is easy to get caught up in the bad.  But, there is always good in the bad.  Look for the helpers.

There was water right at the edge of my parent’s walk-out basement door this morning.  Slowly today, the water started coming in.  My mom left work early and stopped by to borrow our shop-vac.  She called awhile later.  She didn’t know what to do.  The water was coming in too fast.  I told her that I would think of something and call her back.

The kids were home early from a half day of school.  So we all put on boots, grabbed shovels, and hopped in the van.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what exactly we could do.  But, we had to try.

Once over there, we started shoveling out a hill to build a berm outside the basement doors.  My uncle had been over to visit and he had offered to bring over his pump to help pump out water.  He lives over an hour away.

Then a new neighbor’s dad stopped by.  They noticed that there were logs blocking the drain at the culvert under the road.  He said they had tow straps and chain saws.  They were going to clear the logs.  Once they did, the water visibly started moving off the flooded driveway.  It was a good sign!!

About the time we got the berm built, my uncle and cousin (who has a new baby at home) arrived with two different pumps!  They got the water down away from the door!  And the berm was keeping the water away.

By the time we left, the new neighbors, my uncle, and my cousin had all helped immensely!  The look of relief and gratitude on my parent’s faces was wonderful!

Tonight I am thankful for helpers!  The evening could have ended very differently and much worse without generous and kind helpers!

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