Sticks and Stones

There are some things that I’ve noticed in life, one is a thing that is happening now.  When you are on the verge of something great and awesome, the devil tries to make you turn around.  I know not everyone believes like I do.  But, really it makes sense, doesn’t it?  If he can get you to turn around, then you never realize the greatness of what God has planned for you.  Imagine a war, where you could convince your enemy that they are going to lose, so they never show up to battle!  I mean, what a great strategy, right??  Except, I’m no weak opponent.  I’m not a weak opponent because I don’t stand alone.  If I were alone, I would be weak.  But, I’m never alone.

In the past few days a variety of sticks and stones have been thrown in my path.  Nothing directly though.  You know how that is?  If someone were to come up to my face and say and do things, I could hit that head on.  So, the attacks are more sneaky.  I’ve run in to people who talk against me, today in my own driveway!  Not a word was said though.  Just a presence enough to try to twist emotions.

Not just people, choices that I’ve made, mostly unintentional choices are breeding speed bumps to future plans.  The reality is that nothing is insurmountable.  It is the emotions.  Things to make me feel insecure and not up to the future.

Tonight I am thankful that I’ve read the back of the book, we win 😉  I am thankful that I am never alone.  I am thankful that faith is bigger than fear.  I am thankful that forgiveness and love are greater than any stick or stone thrown my way.  I am thankful that we win.  The end.  ❤

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