Day to Win

I was already feeling like I was winning today.  The kids and I went out to run some errands this morning.  On the way we found a book sale.  We got some yummy food.  And we got everything done in time to go back home and have a quick nap (for me), before a kiddo basketball game!

Every Saturday at the basketball game, a person goes around and hands out tickets.  At half time, they announce 5 or 6 winning ticket numbers.  A winning ticket holder can pick a free hot dog, pop, or popcorn.  We’ve never had a winning ticket; this season or last season.

Today, inside our family cheering section, we had two winning tickets!!  We opted for a hot dog and a pop.

Tonight I am thankful for a winning day!  I am most thankful for the winning family time; including right now watching a movie together!  The free concessions were nice.  Sitting together cheering on our basketball dude was even better!  And having a day with all family and no work was the best!



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