Frozen Mud

Today’s blog may seem a little trivial, but it truly made for a thankful morning!

I had an appointment Tuesday morning of this week at a house.  The afternoon before the appointment, a paperwork delay caused this appointment to be postponed.  I ended up going to the house this morning instead.

The difference between Tuesday morning and this morning made my job sooo much better!!!  We had a lot of rain and flooding here a week ago.  I did not know that this particular house was in a low-lying area.  If I had went there on Tuesday, my van possibly would have not been able to even get to the house.  And walking around the flooded yard would have been less than favorable!

This morning, everything was frozen!!  The several dirt roads to get to the house were rough, but frozen!  I’ll take rough and frozen over muddy and flooded any day!  The yard still had quite a bit of water, but it was covered with ice!

Today I am thankful that everything was frozen this morning at a property that would have been a muddy, wet nightmare in warmer weather!

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