March 9th

Today I had lunch with a very special person!  It was an early birthday lunch.  I told him Happy Birthday and he scowled at me!!

The man has never liked birthdays.  Personally, I love birthdays!  Please, let me be queen for the day!  Ok, that doesn’t actually happen . . . but I get cake; so that automatically makes it a good day, right!? 🙂

Anyway, many years back we started renaming his birthday.  It became Happy March 9th Day!  I even wrote that on his birthday cake the first year.  If I remember correctly, it all came about because he was trying to cancel his own birthday!  I’m rolling my eyes as I write!  Ppplease!!  If there is something to celebrate, then we must celebrate!!  We changed the name of the celebration and it was instantly less abrasive . . .  I suppose.

So tonight I am thankful for an early Happy Birthday . . . um . . excuse me . . . a Happy March 9th birthday lunch with my most favorite Marky in the whole, entire world 🙂

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