Empty Cup

I sat down to write my blog with one thought.  It’s kind of funny because that one thought led to a few other thoughts, which tied together a few things that have been going on lately!

My original blog thought was about the wonderful people who I’ve been blessed to work with.  This week looked tough on my calendar.  Like, I wasn’t looking forward to it much at all.  And I never would have been able to get thru this week as well as I have without the wonderful people on my team.  It’s been amazing to watch.

I hadn’t considered myself a total control freak before.  And I don’t think I really was, completely.  It was just easier (or so it seemed) to do things myself.  Plus, that cut out having to trust someone else to do it.  I don’t mind trusting people to a point . . but with my business?  Hmmm.  It’s taken me a lot of work and time and sanity over the years to build this thing up!  Did I really want to trust someone else with it?  Last year was my turning point with this kind of thinking.

And this week was another shining moment of how wonderful it can be to have a team surrounding me that I can trust and who can do amazing things that I simply can’t do by myself!  I posted on facebook yesterday about my awesome team and I tagged my work team.  When I wrote that post I was also thinking about my cheerleading team.  So if you gals are reading this, you totally fall in to that category of a team I am thankful for too!  We aren’t as active outside of cheer season, so I did leave you out of the post; but I feel the same about you too!

So this was it.  This was going to be my post.

Then this week I found that the Entreleadership podcast is now available as an app on my android phone!  This may have been a thing for a while now, I don’t know.  But, I know it was NOT available last year when I took a break from the Entreleadership program.  I was so sad.  I LOVED that podcast and all the awesome ideas that are shared there!

My whole Entreleadership experience last year helped me to make some huge decisions that changed the direction and shape of my businesses.  However, I have this natural inclination to work myself in to the ground.  And even with all the wonderful help from my awesome team . . I’m doing it again.  I forget to be intentional with my time and take specific time out to breathe and relax.  My reflection of this week confirmed that.

It all kind of ties together, doesn’t it?  The wonderful team I have and the amazing work done this week, that I couldn’t have done by myself.  The fact that this team is all here because of decisions made while learning so much in Entreleadership last year.  Finding that I can now listen to the podcast again.  And the realization that I can’t keep moving forward with these great things if I can’t manage my time better.  If you give me a calendar, I will fill up every available space on it . . and that isn’t good.  That ends up being the opposite of productive – as proven this afternoon when I completely crashed and took a 15 minute nap before picking up the kids from school because I simply could not function as an awake person any longer.

Some refer to it as margin.  I left no margin in my life this week.  IF everything had went as planned on the calendar, I would have probably made it ok.  But, emotional stress from a domestic situation of a person I care about and stress from a completely irresponsible adult in a business interaction; both took all the margin I had left in my emotional sanity and had me down to zero this afternoon.

Tonight I am thankful for a good reminder to plan time to take care of myself while still planning and improving the businesses with the help of a wonderful team.  By the ending months of last year I was sleeping more than I had in years; and I had an increase in business operations during that time.  Coincidence . . . I think NOT!  “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.  Truth.

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