This Week

This week on my calendar is way too busy.  I am looking forward to next week.  I try not to do that.  I don’t want to wish my time away by any means!

Last week was the end of basketball.  This week is the end of Science Olympiad, Book Club, and Driver’s Training.  Next week . . ah next week!  I have big plans of sitting in the recliner and watching a movie.  Perhaps a relaxing drink in my hand.

I almost lost my cool today.  Poor decisions by children in a time crunched situation had me using the “mom voice” in a loud manner.  I’m sure I also had “the look”.  Tonight two children went to bed early.

Tonight I am thankful for making it thru this week.  Yes it is a Tuesday that feels like a Thursday.  But, I am telling myself that I can do it!  I’ve been telling the children this a lot lately – the way you talk to yourself is important!  I am telling myself that I can make it thru this week with patience and dignity.  I can do it!

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