I set my alarm clock on my cell phone.  Recently I had to get a new cell phone.  This new alarm clock is not very enforcing.

If I shake the phone, the alarm snoozes.  And the “Dismiss” button is exactly where the “Snooze” button was on my old phone’s alarm.  Guess how well that works???  Not Well!!

Last night I thought I would move my phone farther away from me!  Except, I have a very short cord.  Of course (sarcasm there) my new phone plugs in with a Type C plug and all my cords are for a Micro USB plug.  So I have ONE actual plug for my phone.  I bought a plug converter from Micro USB to Type C . . but it’s kind of crappy.

Anyway, I couldn’t move the thing farther away from me.  So I set my volume all the way up.  And I set two back-up alarms.

I am happy to report that I got up with my alarm this morning!  I went downstairs to exercise before my body was awake enough to know what I was doing to it!  I was showered before anyone else woke up to knock on my door!  I was doing good!

Later I wanted a nap.  But, I started out great today!

Tonight I am thankful for getting out of bed this morning ON TIME and EXERCISING and SHOWERING UN-INTERRUPTED!  Yes, these are capitalized because these are amazing things!  Some of you will understand ❤

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