When I first started really working on budgeting – like a real cash budget, I bought a new wallet.  Of course I was following Dave Ramsey’s plan.  I tried carrying envelopes for a while and they got beat up pretty quick in my purse.

On Amazon I had found a great wallet with lots of different spaces for the cash.  Each space had a tabbed card to designate what that space was for.  The wallet itself was cheap and it was just what I was looking for!  I got it and I made up a category for each cash space.

I diligently used the categories for a while.  Then I found that I had made this just a little too difficult for myself.  I don’t need a category for “food” and for “household items” because I buy my bread and my paper towels at the same store!  I know it works great for others.  I am just not that detailed of a person.

I finally granted myself some grace this weekend; after months of fighting with the wallet and all its spaces that just weren’t practical for my life or working for my budget.  I’ll tell you, if you set something up in your budget, and you don’t stick to it; you have just created guilt for yourself.  And that’s what I had done.  I was not actually over-spending money from the budget.  I just wasn’t using it the way that I had set up.  And, I had paid money specifically for this wallet of many compartments, so I didn’t want to admit defeat!

But it’s not defeat.  It is looking at something that isn’t working and fixing it.  Today I looked for a new wallet.  At one store, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I remembered seeing a wallet that caught my eye a few weeks ago.  So I checked at that store.  And they had it still.  It was the last one.  It has only four money compartments inside – two on each zippered side.  This will be much easier.  This will work better with my life!  And it’s just a darn cute wallet!  It is fairly reflective of me as a person too.  I have love to give; but I am not always comfortable for people 😉

Tonight I am thankful that admitting an idea isn’t working and changing the plan brings a chance to be victorious!  It isn’t defeat!  It is a new plan, a better plan, and a darn cute wallet 😉


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