Not Too Bad

Yesterday’s blog, I was proud of myself.  Tonight, I am not too upset at myself.

I knew today I would not follow the week’s rules.  Today was the Science Olympiad Regional tournament.  There are tables . . plural . . of food that people bring in.  There are vending machines.  And that is it.  There are no campus eateries open.  Honestly, I was not willing to pack special food for today.

I did however, enter my food and pop choices in to myfitnesspal today.  I didn’t do too bad, I suppose.  Today I ate 864 calories over my goal, 317 carbohydrates over my goal (OUCH!), and 12 grams of protein under my goal.  Really, not too horrible for a day of intentionally NOT being intentional.

Yesterday I worked out with squats and lunges quite a bit.  The stairs on campus today were .  . . a little difficult for sore legs!  That was probably a good reminder not to over-eat too much.

Tonight I am thankful for not going too far off my goals on my day off of my intentional better eating!  Tomorrow, I am back to being intentional!!

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