Family Game

I went to get groceries today.  I checked my Mperks before I left home.  There was a $2 mPerk coupon for a Monopoly Gamer Edition.  For the record, we have a Monopoly board game.  We have a Cat-opoly game also.  We don’t really need another monopoly game.  But I clicked the mPerk anyway . . just in case.

At the store I was going to just check the price of the game . . you know “just to see”.  The game was on sale for $5 off.  Hmm . . with my mPerk, I was now up to $7 off the regular price.

I picked the game up.  I put it back down.  I picked it up again.  I thought of my shopping budget.  Yeah, we could swing it.  I put the game in the cart.

Tonight I am thankful for a new family game tonight of Monopoly Gamer edition.  The boys absolutely loved it.  I’m sure this one will get a lot of play time!  (And I still have a little cash left in my shopping budget to last to the end of the week!)


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