So Freaking Stubborn

We have all made mistakes.  Sometimes, I seem to have a habit of making the same mistake a few times.  I guess I want to be sure that I’ve really learned my lesson?

Tomorrow night I am leading a Financial Peace class at the Dansville Community Center with a friend.  I am excited about this for a few reasons.  First, this stuff changes lives!  Second, I am doing this for me too.  I need to stay on track.

A few years ago when we first learned about this stuff, we did so great!  We set goals.  We hit them!  We were rocking it!

But, I have a problem where I am so freaking stubborn that I want to do things MY way.  And I don’t seem to always realize when my way is WRONG.  So, yes, we were following the plan . . at about 90%.  Well, when you aren’t 100% in; what they say is true.  The 90% started slipping.  Then we were doing 80%, then 70%.

This kind of fell in on us one day.  Wow . . we weren’t doing near as well as we should be at this point.  And it was all because we didn’t follow the plan.  It was all because we didn’t stay intentional in every single area of this plan.

So here I am, imperfect and reminding everyone else that we are all imperfect.

Even since finding this wonderful wisdom all laid out in this plan; I’ve still made mistakes and messed things up.  But, hope is not lost here.  We’re back on track.  We’re heading down the right road again – this time we are ALL in!  110%!!  My goal of paying off the house is still alive and well.  And to hit it by the original goal date is going to be a little tougher since I strayed from the intensity and completeness that I started with.  That’s changed now.  And maybe my story can help inspire someone else.

We walk around because we are “adults” like we should all know all about money.  This is not knowledge that descends upon people because they hit a certain age.  And we are fools (my previous mindset included)  to act otherwise.  We need to learn.  And if you are like me, you may need to learn and mess up and relearn repeatedly (hopefully you won’t learn like me!).

Tonight I am thankful for getting the opportunity to lead Financial Peace!  The first class is tomorrow!  The first class is free!  If you’ve ever wondered what it is about, please stop out.  We’d love to see you!

Information is here:



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