Fancy Glass

I was trying to relax in the living room tonight.  I had a little bit of work still to do.  So I was relaxing with my laptop too.  *sigh*

It’s all good.  I’m caught up now.  Caught up in time for bedtime!  Yay!

While sitting out here in the living room, I was actually very comfy!  Comfy recliner  Warm blanket.  Fuller House on the tv screen.  A little snack.  Then I got thirsty.  I asked one of my children for a glass of milk.  And they brought me milk in a fancy glass.

Milk in a fancy glass was a great addition to the evening!  I don’t know why that is.  Have you ever enjoyed a regular drink in a fancy glass?  Even Kool-Aid in a fancy glass tastes a little sweeter!

Tonight I am thankful for wrapping up tonight’s work in a comfy chair with a fancy glass of milk and my family running in and out.  It’s felt a little like there isn’t much time to rest lately.  But I think tonight was a good mix of resting with the family while finishing what was left on my to-do list!



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