My house has been getting out of control!  With the kids being home on Spring Break last week, my being gone over the weekend, and the flu making a rebound this week, my home looked like a tornado went thru it!

Today was the day to fix all that!  After the kids got home from school, we all pitched in.  Then, there was a moment!  A Shiny Moment that inspires parental hope for the ages!!

The kids were talking about cleaning and their chores.  I told them that they were still all responsible for their chores and could earn some $$.  But, they were all cleaning the living room for free because they trashed it.  And one of my children made a statement agreeing that it made sense for them to clean the living room because they trashed it.

It was like a light shined down from Heaven from with angels singing!!  My children do not have that natural gene for cleaning.  And well, you know, they are still kids so the responsibility thing is a work in progress.  They really are pretty good with responsibility as a general rule . . . but responsibility for cleanliness of their surroundings is far down on their list.

Tonight I am thankful for kids cleaning the living room today!  They did a fantastic job!  And they knew they should be doing this cleaning in particular!  That is inspirational!

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