I had to give myself some grace this week.  Grace for being human.  I was tired, exhausted even – physically and emotionally.

There was not enough sleep to be had this week.  There were too many things to think of this week.  There was not enough time for spiritual rest this week.

I didn’t notice it Monday too much.  I expected to be tired on Monday.  Tuesday it really hit me.  Wednesday I decided to give myself a little more grace.  I wasn’t a stickler to my diet.  I slept in a little more.  And when I still felt worn down, I remembered to pray a lot more and forgive myself for not being bullet-proof.

It’s amazing the amount of times in life so far that I’ve had to consciously forgive and accept the fact that I am human!  Have you ever thought about it that way?  I am human.  I need to rest sometimes.  I need to recharge sometimes.  And I don’t always like doing these things.  I don’t sit still well.

But I did.  And by Friday, I am feeling much more like myself!

Tonight I am thankful for moments of grace and rest.  I am thankful for God’s wisdom on how to take care of one’s self . . . that I tend to overlook.  I need to work on that more 😉


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