I am gearing up over here!!!  Last fall I participated in a small, local, healthy habits challenge.  Last fall I won for the amount of weight lost!  My plan had been to take the family out to a favorite restaurant if I won.  And we did.  And it was delicious!

Don’t worry, I’m not letting that victory go to my head.

After my past week of relaxed eating and no exercise, I am ready!  I’ve got an awesome plan that I will stick to very well for the first week!  Week two I will want to relax.  But, I won’t!  Week three I may be in a better habit?  If not, definitely by Week four, it should be routine.  Maybe?  Possibly.  Week five will be discipline based.  It will no longer be fun.  But I will keep my eyes on the prize!  Week six . . . week six will just plain suck!  Week six I will be on a field trip with my son to Mackinac Island.  Home of FUDGE!  But, I won’t have any!  I can’t have any!  It will be days until the end of this challenge!  So, I will buy some fudge, take it home, and keep it hidden until the end weigh in.

Here’s what I learned from the last challenge.  My body likes sleep.  Not only that, my body needs more sleep than I prefer to give it.  There is a visible and provable difference in my body’s metabolism based on sleep.  Like, it’s really touchy.  Six hours versus five and I could do everything 120% and gain a pound, rather than lose a pound.  It is that freaking touchy about sleep.  I have no one to blame but myself and the years of sleep deprivation that I put myself thru – but that’s a whole other thing.

I have also learned that I can actually maintain my weight!  This is actually quite novel for me.  In the past many years there was so much up and down and up and down.  I was obviously in great denial about my body leaving the era of my 20’s when I could eat whatever I wanted with no consequence.  Like, years and years of denial.  I am farther from 20’s than I am closer to 20’s now.  But, I’ve finally got it thru my thick head what my body actually needs to function without gaining or losing.  This is a huge breakthrough!

I will most likely be starting this challenge a tad higher than I finished the fall challenge.  This will be based on this past week of unfiltered eating and no exercise.  But, for the months in between that challenge and last weekend, I’ve done well.  I’m glad that I feel that I can keep a handle on maintaining a weight.  This has not been a speciality of mine.

So, my goal weight is about 30 – 40 pounds from here.  Probably closer to 30 because I have a degree of muscle that I want to maintain.  In the last challenge I lost 20.  Can I hit 30 this time?  *que dramatic music*  I definitely could if I had piles of time lying around.  Can I hit 30 this time with my actual life happening?  Hmm . . . We shall find out!!!

Tonight I am thankful for a Spring Healthy Habits Challenge!  I have been putting along.  And this is just the thing to kick this all up a notch!  I have some shorts that I would love to fit in to this summer!  Now is a good time to do this!

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