I Will Not Cry!

Tomorrow I will not cry.  I will not cry.  I WILL NOT CRY!!!

*Deep Breath*

Tomorrow, my baby . . the youngest of my four children, turns 10.  Double Digits.

So here’s the deal, I have been very intentional with counting my blessings on each stage of this parenting gig so far.  And I intend to continue this way!

Just last Friday I went to a house where there were three kids, probably 5 and under.  I once had 4 children, ages 4 and under in my house.  It was nostalgic to walk in to the chaos, smiles, and toy-covered floor.  I smiled for my own reasons, that the homeowners would never know.  Then two of their children started crying; one of them throwing a huge fit.  I gave them a smile again, as I assured them that I understood.

As I walked on thru the house I had another smile to myself.  This smile was due to the fact that as sweet a time as that was when the kids were little, I am very thankful for where we are now.  No one screams and has crocodile tears anymore because they have to put on shoes.  Well . . . almost never 😉

Tonight I am counting all my blessings as a Mommy, in every stage of Mommy-hood.    There will never be another single thing that I do greater in this life than to be a Mom to these four babies.  They make my heart complete! ❤


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