We Did It!

We did it!  It was a successful birthday!  Yay!

I had my doubts with the way the day started out!  Last night we stayed up making cupcakes for my son to take in to school today.  We have plenty of fresh chicken eggs.  But, I also buy store eggs.  The store eggs have a thinner shell that work better in my egg hardboiley machine (called an egg cooker per amazon.com).

I like to cook and bake with our chicken eggs.  The hubster prefers the store eggs.  He mixed up the cupcakes and baked them.  We both stayed up last night frosting them and decorating them with a blue “M”.  We were proud of the finished products!

I got up this morning and saw a notice for an egg recall.  I checked the numbers on our store-bought eggs . . . they were on the list.  All those cupcakes could possibly have salmonella.  We had to dump them all in the trash!  UGH!

One of those “Mom” secrets that I love to share is to keep extra cake mixes in the cupboard.  I don’t know how many times my rear end has been saved because I had extra mixes and extra frostings in the cupboard.  Fortunately this morning, my cupboard was stocked!  After throwing away the possibly contaminated cupcakes, I made new ones.  They were frosted, decorated, and put in their handy-dandy travel container . . putting me a little behind schedule.  But, the Birthday Boy had cupcakes delivered at school to share with his classmates!

He enjoyed the rest of his day 🙂  He didn’t have to do his chores today.  He got to play extra on the computer.  He opened presents.  He ate his birthday-choice dinner of Chicken Fries.  And he ate yummy cake here at home.

Tonight I am thankful that there was a happy, successful birthday today!  Yay! 🙂  I’m sure he is having happy dreams tonight!



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