Still Good

It may be sad the number of times that I get to the end of the day, to my blog, and I think well, I am thankful that I get to go to bed!  Perhaps some day I’ll go back thru my blogs and see what % of them revolve around bedtime!!

Today was packed full . . again.  It happens.  It is a blessing of my job.  It truly is.  This week there are other things to do.  There was a birthday yesterday.  There is a kiddo appointment later this week.  There is a day and a half of conventions later this week.  And it truly is a blessing that I can get work done and not miss a beat of volume when my week doesn’t provide for five business days of business time.

With this blessing comes responsibility not to run myself in to the ground.  This is still a work in progress . . . although I’m better than I was years ago.  Any progress is still progress!  And I am still working on improving!

So yes, again tonight, I am thankful for bedtime!  Really it is a truly legitimate thing to be thankful for!  I am blessed to be alive today.  I am blessed to have things to fill my day.  I am blessed to have family sleeping in my house already.  I am thankful for this fluffy kitty on my desk who is waiting for me to go to bed.  I am thankful for a warm, comfortable bed that is waiting for me!  And I am truly blessed to be privileged to wake up tomorrow and live a new day filled with blessings all around me!

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